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Žigan Krajnčan


dance-music spectacle

FUSION REACTOR <em>Photo: Jan Pirnat</em>
Photo: Jan Pirnat

Flota, zavod, Murska Sobota, 2022

In collaboration with Cultural Centre Narodni dom Maribor and Maribor Puppet Theatre.

Running time 70 minutes without intermission.

Vocals, dance, music, choreography, director: Žigan Krajnčan
Musicians: Marko Črnčec (keyboards, drums, percussion), Miha Koren (bass), Kristijan Krajnčan (drums, cello)
Guest: Sahareya (rap&dance)
Choreographer: Kristyna Šajtošová
Dancers: Alexander Tesch, Anamarija Klajnšček, Alja Sedonja, Bor Prokofjev, Andraž Prokofjev, Kristyna Šajtošová
Backing vocals: Patricija Škof, Klara Klasinc
Dramaturg: Matic Starina
Lighting designer: Borut Bučinel
Sound designer: Jure Vlahovič

Production: Flota, zavod, Murska Sobota
Co-production: Kino Šiška, Flota Ljubljana
Label: Nika Records

Supported by the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Slovenia.

Fusion Reactor is a multi-genre dance concert that combines different modes of presentation ranging from a concert, performance to a dance performance. The dance concert was born out of a reflection on the holistic artwork that Žigan, with his own original music and dance, creates together with his collaborators, in a balance between spectacle and improvisation, between jazz and classical music, between ragga and hip-hop, between contemporary dance and freestyle, between singing and dancing, between an individual and a team. The reactor symbolizes the fusion and creative reaction of people and ideas on stage, transforming a small amount of mass into a large amount of energy.

Žigan Krajnčan is an initiator, director, choreographer, dancer, performer, actor, dance teacher, and singer. His creative career started at a very early age, when he played the violin, sang, and was active as an actor. As a choreographer/movement consultant he has collaborated several times at the Slovene National Theatre with renowned directors such as Igor Vuk Torbica, Aleksandar Popovski, Stanislav Moša etc. He has travelled the world with his award-winning improvised dance performance Alien Express (2016), which he creates and performs together with his friend Gašper Kunšek. Over the last four years, Krajnčan has directed, choreographed, danced, and taught with a focus on expanding, merging, and pushing the boundaries of the different genres and styles he works with. He is also one of the Slovenian pioneers of Freestyle Hip Hop and Popping Culture.

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