Platform of Contemporary Dance 2022 - Playfulness


public discussion with guests and students of the Maribor Secondary School for Design

In collaboration with The Contemporary Dance Association Slovenia, Gibanica Biennial of Slovenian Contemporary Dance Art.


  • Ajda Tomazin, self-employed in culture, designer and choreographer,
  • Miha Horvat, intermedia artist,
  • Hana Vodeb, self-employed in culture, videographer, writer, actress and producer.

Moderated by Mojca Kasjak.

Production: Zavod MOJA KREACIJA, Maribor
Partner: The Contemporary Dance Association Slovenia – Gibanica, biennial of Slovenian contemporary dance art
Concept of public debate: Mojca Kasjak
Executive producer: Mojca Zupanič

Playfulness as a metaphor for creativity proves to be a challenge for design and communication within art. We will explore the theme of playfulness within the design of the overall graphic image, set design, costume design and how it relates to the design of light, sound and moving images.

We will discuss:

  • How to approach integrated graphic design in the context of contemporary dance art?
  • How does contemporary dance art communicate with the public through its integrated image?
  • What is the communication within the intersection of disciplines?
  • What elements are important in lighting and sound design?
  • Where in the creative process is playfulness manifested in the design itself?
  • How does playfulness intertwine with different design approaches?
  • Is costume design interesting enough for future young textile designers?
  • Can dance videos be an interesting starting point for young videographers to establish new design directions as creators?

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