Platform of Contemporary Dance 2022 - Playfulness

Špela Huzjak


song for voice, violin, and body

MOVE(MENT) <em>Photo: Saša Huzjak</em>
Photo: Saša Huzjak

Kulturno umetniško društvo Kreativni regenerator, 2022

Voluntary contributions.

Running time 35 minutes without intermission.

Author of concept, music, movement, and text: Špela Huzjak
Concept assistance, movement, and dramaturgical advisor: Jasmina Križaj
Visual image consultant, photographer: Saša Huzjak/
Light designer: Grega Tanacek
Sound designer: Andrej Hrvatin

Production: Kulturno umetniško društvo Kreativni regenerator
Co-production: Platforma sodobnega plesa, Zavod MOJA KREACIJA

Supported by: JSKD

In the sound journey, the protagonist is looking for a way to shift/move away from her patterns. Through sound and movement, she explores her new possibilities and paths and presents the same idea to the audience. She appeals to the stereotypes of our society to change and shift.

Špela Huzjak is an academic musician, who studied at the Academy of Music in Ljubljana, and in Lahti (Finland). She made her specialization at the University of Graz and attended jazz violin studies in Klagenfurt, Austria. She plays and sings in the bands Angata Fo and Madame Brumowski. Besides instrumental music, she is interested in the relations between instrument-voice-body. Špela participates in various laboratories, workshops and performances in the field of body research and awareness, contemporary dance, poetry, and theatre.

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