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We often forget that we are nature.
Nature is not something separate from us.
So when we say that we have lost our connection with nature,
we have lost touch with ourselves.

Andy Goldsworthy

Nature as an artistic source.

How to establish contact with nature, with the natural, with one's origin, with one's authenticity in an urban context? How to create a work of art outside the usual concepts of contemporary dance? Are we dictated by work conditions or our inner urge or call for change?

Can we establish a new way of facing and creating contemporary dance art? We plant "seeds" with the intention of sustainable effects, we develop the idea of experiential experience and offer new performative practices, ecological formats, and we explore the experience of primeval authentic landscapes. Together?

We use the idea of nature in the sense of originality and authenticity. With the help of a subtle approach and performativity, which is always looking for new formats, we raise awareness of the importance of nature as well as the spectrum of ecological topics and our relationship to nature.

Rousseau wrote that the state of nature is merely a theoretical projection, which serves to reflect on how or in what ways the civilized state is pathological, and can in no way be the guide of a political or ethical programme. A return to the natural state (if such a state ever existed) is not possible and probably not desirable either. After all, for Rousseau, too, civilization is not merely an anomaly of human nature but also its functional product.

How to establish the feeling of natural state and organic fusion? And at the same time not get caught up in the artificial nature of the art-festival doctrine.

Just as the artist distances himself and often places himself in some other space, it seems that wholeness, as the absolute unity of man with nature, may only be a projection of man. We live in urban environments, and for this type of content and realized ideals, nature is only an ideal for society, linked to the desire to be in contact with nature.

Nature always occupies a place to which it is necessary to return. An ideal to merge with. A product with immense aesthetic capacity and creative potential. Just like art. 

It offers the possibility to connect with it, to feel it.

Mojca Kasjak, artistic and program director

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