Platform of Contemporary Dance 2023 - Back to nature

Anja Bornšek


an improvisational experiential-dance event

THE OTHER SIDE <em>Photo: Tina Princ</em>
Photo: Tina Princ

Anja Bornšek, 2023

Duration: 35 minutes without intermission

Author and performer: Anja Bornšek

Observation, coexistence and co-movement. There are spaces between you and me, waiting to come alive through movement. Everything that moves is alive. It is constantly creating new spaces and interspaces. Everything in between is connective tissue. The intercellular fluid. The body in the space in-between, oscillating and in constant relationship with internal and external processes, stimuli, in the flow of attention from one spectrum of consciousness to another, feeling, listening, harmonizing, reacting.

Anja Bornsek is a dancer, choreographer, teacher and somatic movement educator based in Slovenia. She graduated in contemporary dance from Salzburg Contemporary Dance Academy SEAD, holds a Master's degree in Contemporary Dance Education from Frankfurt University HfMDK and a Somatic Movement Educator’s certification for the Body-Mind Centering method. Her artistic interest as a performer, choreographer as well as a teacher is shaped by her decade-long experiences in somatic studies and performative methodologies, which focus on embodiment, perception, textures of presence and their communicative potentials in the context of the stage as well as their potential to strengthen the value of experiential knowledge in artistic, individual and social practices. In the last 3 years, she has co-authored and danced in several works (Sonihanja with Petra Kapš, Oči, ki letijo in Pronicanja with Tina Valentan and Barbara Kanc, Dotik Tkivo Tkanina with Snježana Premuš). In 2021 Anja received the Ksenija Hribar Award for an emerging choreographer.

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