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Mitja Obed, Fernando Leria Jiménez


an experimental contemporary flamenco dance

ENTROPY <em>Photo: Drago Videmšek</em>
Photo: Drago Videmšek

Mitja Obed, Fernando Leria Jiménez, 2022

Duration: 50 minutes without intermission

Choreography and dance: Mitja Obed
Author and musician: Fernando Leria Jiménez
Screenings: Fernando Leria Jiménez
Costum design: Kiss the Future
Photographer: Drago Videmšek
Producer: Mitja Obed
Co-production: Društvo Predmestje
Supported by the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Slovenia

A dialogue between a dancer and electronics, inspired by the entropy of closed and open systems. Entropy is related to randomness, the absence of information. In living things, this primordial information is DNA, which controls entropy and prevents decay. Modern flamenco is based on an ordered structure that relies heavily on rhythm, and the tool in this performance is a secondary mouth, which the dancer receives when an electronic device produces sounds that extend the dancer's body into space through the voltage generated by the dancer's strokes. Dancer and choreographer Mitja Obed is one of Spain's most famous flamenco artists. In Entropy, he extends his long-standing collaboration with Fernando Leria Jiménez, a double bass player and musician of all ages from Madrid, into a dancer's intervention that is not only about movement but also about sound.

With the support of the Embassy of Spain in Slovenia.

Mitja Obed is a flamenco and experimental (modern) flamenco dancer. He was trained at the PKD Flamenco in Ljubljana, the Amor de Dios Academy in Madrid and the Stevens Ballet School. In his work, he embarks on an exploration of flamenco, transforming it and using it as a tool to express his ideas and concepts. When it comes to expression on stage, he does not stop at the traditional, but goes beyond its boundaries, enriching it with contemporary dance vocabulary, ballet and other dance forms, as well as approaches from physical theatre and sound improvisation. He collaborates with artists from various fields (flamenco, jazz, classical, modern and contemporary dancers, ballet dancers, poets, artists) in Slovenia and abroad (Croatia, Spain, Italy, Austria, Serbia, Hungary). His works include the dance performances Entropija (2022), Dictarot (2021), Imagen (2020), Box (2015), diStoRTion (2017). He also works as a co-choreographer and creates in the field of dance film. He is the artistic director of the dance-music concert cycle Espacio Flamenco.

Fernando Leria Jiménez studied at the Universidad Complutense de Madrid and at the Conservatorio Superior de Musica de Castilla y Leon in Salamanca. He was a member of the Youth Orchestra of Spain (JONDE) and the FOE Guimarães (Portugal), the main symphony orchestra of the European Capital of Culture 2012. He is active in the field of music and teaching, the latter mainly in relation to the impact of music on society. He participated in the research of the Sistema Nacional de Educacion Musical de Costa Rica, Fundacion Nacional Batuta en Quibdo, Arpegio Peru. He is also a multi-instrumentalist, using a variety of instruments from around the world and electronics in his compositions and improvisations.

Mitja Obed, Vita Osojnik and Lada Petrovski Trnovšek. Original soloists who mark the weight of time!
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