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Theatre Continuo


dance theater (15+)

HIC SUNT DRACONES <em>Photo: Michal Hančovsky</em>
Photo: Michal Hančovsky

Theatre Continuo, 2020

In collaboration with Summer Puppet Pier, Maribor Puppet Theater

Duration: 60 minutes without intermission

Director: Pavel Štourač
Cast: Sara Bocchini, Kateřina Šobáňová, Ludmila Ješutová, Diana Khwaja
Visual concept, stage design: Helena Štouračová, Pavel Štourač
Music/sound design: Jakub Štourač
Light design: Tomáš Morávek
Production: Petr Hromek
Financially supported by the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic, State Fund for the Culture of the Czech Republic, City of Prague
Partners: Švestkový Dvůr, z.s. and European Fund for Regional Development

A visual poem with elements of magic imagination, absurdity and grotesqueness. The performance combines physical theatre and animation of material and objects with the principles of the visual art theatre. It is an excursion to an unknown area where nothing reminds us of our everyday life. It is discovering of the areas which ancient cartographers described as hic sunt dracones.

Theatre Continuo (CZ) is an international independent theatre company led by its director and artistic coordinator, Pavel Štourač. The company has been based in Malovice, South Bohemia, since 1995. Continuo's productions cannot be easily categorised into genres. Movement, live music, puppets, physical theatre, acrobatics and dance, along with striking visual stylisation, all combine to create the unique poetics of each individual production. They explore an authentic, personal connection between visual artistry and physical acting, rhythm, voice and musicality.

The Continuo Theatre with director Pavel Štourač has 25 years of experience with the fusion of physical, artistic and puppet theatre. It's a unique kind of imagination that can make the unspoken visible – dreams, feelings, traumas, and anxieties. Continuo uses images to peek into the human subconscious, memory and the hidden life of things.
Lidové Noviny, Jana Machalická

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