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Françoise Flabat


a dance-theatre performance (15+)

Opening performance of the Platform of Contemporary Dance at the intersection with the Summer Puppet Pier

LLOUISE <em>Photo: Thomas Bohl</em>
Photo: Thomas Bohl

Créa-Théâtre, 2020

In collaboration with the Summer Puppet Pier, Maribor Puppet Theatre

Duration: 49 minutes without intermission

Designed, written and directed by Françoise Flabat
Dancer: Coralie Meinguet
Videos/set design/motorisation: Nicolas-Adrien Houtteman
Naked puppet/puppet: Christine Corman
Spider puppet: Françoise Flabat
Louise puppet: Matt Jackson
Technical support: Fred Berthe
Photo: Thomas Bohl
Teaser: Nicolas-Adrien Houtteman
Production: Créa-Théâtre
With the support of Centre de la Marionnette de la Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles, the Fabrique de Théâtre - Service des arts de la Scène de la Province de Hainaut, the Théâtre des Doms, the Jardin Parallèle de Reims, the Maison de la Culture de Tournai – SACD writing grant

LLouise is inspired by the life and work of the French-American artist Louise Bourgeois. It is a sensitive journey that begins with a dancer who, in contact with objects inspired by the artist's work, questions the impact of childhood, relationships and the role of the mother, the woman and the artist. The questions lead to new impressions with images, dancing bodies and Louise's double. A giant motorized spider gradually comes to life on stage, leading to a moment of confrontation and discovery: daring to touch, to push away, to caress the animal, as if to overcome the limits of one's fears, one's anger, one's own experiences, until it becomes possible to reach a moment of reconciliation. A unique journey to the heart of a world where puppets, manipulation, dance/movement and digital arts come together in unity.

Françoise Flabat is a scenographer, actor and puppet object manipulator, facilitator/trainer, and author. Since 1980, she has been involved in nearly thirty creations for the Créa-Théâtre. Trained in interior design and scenography, she holds a degree in performing arts from the C.E.T.UCL Louvain-La-Neuve.

Créa-Théâtre (BE) is a professional theater group founded in 1978. It has been leaving its mark on the world of puppetry ever since. Recently, Créa-Théâtre has been focusing intensely on incorporating emerging technologies into its performances and pushing the boundaries of traditional puppetry.

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