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Teo y la Mar


a dance-performative concert

ROUTED IN THE EARTH <em>Photo: Jan Hauschen</em>
Photo: Jan Hauschen

Maria Keck and Teo Mandžuka, 2023

In collaboration with the Summer Art Camp, Narodni dom Maribor

Duration: 60 min without intermission

Voice, lyrics, dance, cajón: Maria Keck
Guitar: Teo Mandžuka

Teo y la Mar combine deep flamenco traditions with a fresh interpretation and melodic, contemporary melodies in their original compositions. The expressiveness of flamenco shakes the ground and moves the heart, transcending cultural boundaries. Raw human emotions appear in passionate, tight rhythms, echoes of ancient sounds and earthy dance.

Maria Keck has a degree in contemporary choreography from the Hungarian Dance Academy and a Master's degree in music therapy from the University of Alcalá de Henares. She has been working with flamenco for over twenty years and has released four albums in the genres of flamenco, flamenco fusion and world music. She has lived in Spain for the last nine years and works in the most prestigious flamenco stages in Madrid with some of the most outstanding national and international artists.

Teo Mandžuka is a guitarist from Rijeka. He started playing music at an early age and began playing flamenco guitar in his twenties. Shortly afterwards he started composing his own music. In 2019 he released the album Spanish Spirit under the Sonoton label. He has performed at BIG (Baška International Guitar) Festival, Flamenco Festival Zagreb, Regional Festival, Summer Festivals (Island of Krk).

Her voice comes to us like filtered, warm light descending from behind the canopy of winged trees. Who knows if we are still on the ground? It could be autumn and spring at the same time, it doesn't matter. In the promise of life; pollen floating in the air and seeds dissolving in a helicoidal dance. There is something in Maria’s art that is only her most intimate possession, her own gravitational centre that knows no time: magic.
Farid Othman-Bentria Ramos, writer and cultural manager of intercultural projects, Spain

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