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Maria Keck


dance workshop in the nature

SUMMER DANCES AND RITUALS <em>Photo: Robert Moya Caballo</em>
Photo: Robert Moya Caballo

Maria Keck, 2023

The dance workshop is part of the Blue Moon Night, which will take place at the end of the festival on 31 August 2023 at the Country House Zunko.

Blue Moon Night (package*): 25 EUR
Members of the Maribor Library (with a membership card) and dancers: 20 EUR

Pre-sale price (and bank transfer until August 20, 2023): 20 EUR
Regular price (after August 21, 2023): 25 EUR
Please transfer the amount to:
TRR: SI56 0451 5000 3422 377, NOVA KBM
Zavod MOJA KREACIJA, Maribor
Kamniška ulica 30
2000 Maribor

* The package includes:
- a sensory experience of the fragrance garden at Vida‘s (45'); 
- Maria Keck, dance workshop;
- an evening cleansing ceremony by the fireside;
- dinner.

Applications open until places are filled at


Duration: 90 min without intermission

In this workshop we honour nature with our movement, dance, voice and touch. We seek to align with the symbolic meaning of one of the stages of our annual cycle. Summer brings us the triumph of light and the fertility of the earth. At this time of year we can focus on the fruits of our inner light, on overcoming and transforming our dark parts, and on invoking and celebrating abundance and fulfilment in our lives. This experiential dance workshop is an invitation for participants to connect with nature, each other and themselves through mindfulness, silence, music, visualisation, relaxation, massage, movement and dance through ritual sensuality.

Maria Keck is a dancer, choreographer, dance teacher, singer and therapist. She is involved in a variety of musical and performing arts activities: she leads regular and intensive dance classes, women's groups, sound baths and sound massages. Her methodology is a combination of intuition, study and experience: dance techniques, body awareness, improvisation, relaxation, visualisation, breath work, attention, yoga, therapeutic massage, sound training, rhythmic exercises, intuitive singing exercises and sound therapy.

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